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ReserveMyCourt offers our advertisers a very unique opportunity. Now you can advertise on the web while targeting customers who live and shop right in your neighborhood. Unlike most websites, we know the exact neighborhood of our visitors and can place your ads in front of hundreds of local customers per day. Unlike paper advertisements, interested customers can click and go straight to your website. If you don't have a website, we can create a custom webpage for you.
Although tennis related products and services are an obvious winner, our members are an affluent clientele and consumers of a broad array of commercial offerings. So from real estate to tennis pros, we can help bring customers to your business. Have a look at our current advertisers and our features below.
Advertisers can…
  • Target a single neighborhood/facility for only $20/month
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  • Advertise to the entire Metro Area for only $100/month
  • Purchase a custom web page on our site for an additional $10/month
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  • Change your targeted neighborhoods/facilities at any time
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