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By subscribing to our service, tennis players at your facility will have immediate access to our online tennis reservation system. Just a few of the many benefits are listed below.
Customize our Site
Email us your facility logo and we will customize the look of your reservation page.
Effortlessly Manage all Tennis Reservations
Eliminate the confusion and hassles of paper based systems. Eliminate the need for replacing sign-up sheets when they are full (or rained on).
Take Reservations for Pavilions, Clubhouses, etc.
Setup your other amenities like pavilions, clubhouses, and basketball courts. Reservations for all of these can now be handled by our reservation system.
Setup Private and Group Lessons
Facility administrators can setup group lessons and manage the number of players for each class. Players can join group lessons right from ReserveMyCourt.
Collect Court and Lesson Fees
Facility administrators can setup fees and deposits for courts, amenities, and group lessons. Your members can pay those fees directly from the website and we will automatically deposit those in your checking account weekly.
Subscribe Now!
Click Here to subscribe today. A few simple steps and you will be on your way to an easier way of managing your tennis facility.