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Frequently Asked Questions
Facilities can use our service for a free 30 day trial. An annual subscription is $50 per court or reservable ammenity (e.g. Clubhouse) with a $300 per year cap. All members and players of a subscribed facility can utilize the service with no additional fees.
How do I sign-up or subscribe?
Players should click Here to register as a new user. Tennis facilities who would like to subscribe should click Here.
How do I prove I have a reservation?
When making a reservation over the internet, players should print out their reservation confirmation which indicates their reservations details. Confirmations can also be sent via text message to any cell phone. To use this service you need to include your cell phone number and carrier in your personal information.
If you are not receiving reservation confirmations via email, first ensure that your email address and that your confirmation settings are correct. Since our emails are sent out automatically, they are sometimes interpreted as Spam by some email servers. Check with your internet service provider and insure that and are on your list of safe email addresses.
Only if you wish to receive text confirmations of your reservations. This information will not be shared or used for anything other than requested confirmations from us via text message..
If you are certain that your facility is a subscriber to our service then email us and we will investigate the problem. If they are not yet signed up or in our database, select OTHER as you facility until your facility subscribes.
The facility administrator can set a limit to the length of reservations. This limitation will apply to all reservations made by players. Reservations made by team captains or by facility administrators are not limited by this setting.
The facility administrator can set a limit on how far in advance a player can make a reservation. Reservations made by team captains or by facility administrators are not limited by this setting.
Facility administrators can designate there facility as "Private" by checking the appropriate box on their information form. Private facilities can designate access codes that restrict reservations to their membership. Facility Managers will need to distribute this code to their members.
Private facilities can insure that only their members can make reservations by using the Player and Captain Code feature. Regular players should be given the player code and those players will use that code when establishing their online accounts. These players will be restricted by the maximum reservation length and advance reservation features as established by the facility administrators. To allow tennis league team captains more flexibility to schedule longer practices and matches as well as make reservations for matches well in advance, individuals who register using the captain code will not be limited by these constraints.
If a facility or a portion of a facility is unavailable for any reason, you can stop taking reservations. To do so, uncheck the "Active" option for that court.
You can add walk-up courts to your facility. For these, reservations are not taken and tennis players are free to use them as long as they are empty. To do this, check the Walk-Up option.
Administrators can change players to captains or administrators and visa-versa at anytime. To do this, login with you admin account, click on PLAYERS, click the last name of the player you want to change, scroll to the bottom of their information, change their security level as appropriate, and the click SUBMIT.
Group Clinics can be setup by administrators only. To do this, create a normal reservation and select Group Clinic from the Event List. After clicking the ReserveMyCourt button you will arrive at the Clinic Details page where you can enter a description, set how many players are allowed to join, and for repeating clinics set if players must join the entire series or if they may join individual segments. Once your Clinic is setup, you can click the Edit link on your reservation and then click Details to edit or view your Clinic details as well as view and email the Players who have signed-up. Players can join your group lesson from the site by locating it on the schedule and clicking the Join link. You will be copied on email confirmations when a new player joins your Clinic.
To join a Group Clinic, locate it on the Reservations page by selecting the date of the clinic on the calendar and then scrolling down to see that date's court schedule. If you have not already joined the lesson and it is not already full, you will see a Join link on the Clinic. Click the link to Join the Clinic. If it is a repeating Clinic, you may be prompted to select if you want to join for that date only or for the entire Clinic Series if the Pro has permitted this option. Once you have joined the Clinic, the link for that Clinic will now show as Unjoin and you can select that link if you need to withdraw from that Clinic. Your Clinics will also now show on the left side of the Reservations page under the MY CLINICS section.
If you are receiving an 'Incorrect Username or Password' message be sure your login credentials are correct. We have recently made the login case sensitive, so if your browser is automatically filling in these fields you should retype them in the fields manually with the correct capitalization. If you are using Internet Explorer, you will get no response from the login. Our site no longer supports Internet Explorer as this browser is no longer updated or supported by Microsoft. Please use another browser to view and use the website. All current versions of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari are supported.